places to visit in navi mumbai

Best Places To Visit In Navi Mumbai

Hello friends, how are you all? I am going to tell you something new. If you are sure to visit, let’s start with a city in Maharashtra that has the attention of the whole world and its name is Navi Mumbai. I want to tell you that Navi Mumbai is just like Mumbai is a dream city. The people and administration of Navi Mumbai are a big part of developing Navi Mumbai.
Because Navi Mumbai is the third city in the country for cleanliness and the first in Maharashtra. I will suggest must read (Best Places to visit in Navi Mumbai). So I will tell you about the Best places to visit in Navi Mumbai.

The list I am referring to.

Tourist Places In Navi Mumbai

Best Places To Visit In Navi Mumbai
1) Central Park, Kharghar,
2) Wonders Park, Nerul
3) Rock Garden, Nerul
4) Mini Seashore, Vashi
5) Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Navi Mumbai
6) Millennium Business Park, Mahape
7) Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Seawoods,
8) Jewel of Navi Mumbai, Nerul,
9) Pandavkada Falls, Kharghar
10) ITC Park Vashi

Places To Hangout In Navi Mumbai

Central Park, Kharghar:- Central Park is a place where hundreds of people come in every day, and more people get to walk and exercise. The park is spread over a large area. Where you can enjoy nature. Every Sunday you can enjoy the events there is the song Celebration. The park is open at 6 am and is open till 9 am and is open from 5 pm to 8 pm. Central Park is a place where couples are more accommodating and better arranged. If you live in Navi Mumbai or nearby, definitely go there.

 places to visit in navi mumbai
Central Park, Kharghar
(Best Places To Visit In Navi Mumbai)

Entry Fee – None

Central Park Address – Sector 23, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210.

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Places To Visit In Nerul

Wonders Park, Nerul:- Wonders Park is a place where once you go you will always go. Because there are play zones for playing rides and little ones, once you get there you will enjoy and you will find many different things like Taj Mahal to see. There are events happening every weekend. And one thing I would like to tell you is that you can visit the whole family at this place

places to visit in navi mumbai
Wonders Park, Nerul
(Images Courtesy: Google)

Entry Fee – 35 Rs For Adults & 25 Rs For Children

Wonders Park Address – Section 19A, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706

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Rock Garden, Nerul:- Rock Garden has become a popular attraction of many people as it is always visited by couples from all over Navi Mumbai. Whenever you go there you get to see the green nature. If you do not go once, you are completely lost in the peace and hope that you will visit this place at least once.

places to visit in navi mumbai
Rock Garden, Nerul
(Image Courtesy: Google)

Places To See In Navi Mumbai

Entry Fee – 10 Rs

Rock Garden Address – Sector 1 Near Nerul Station, Nerul Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706

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Mini Seashore, Vashi (Places To Visit In Vashi) :- Mini Seashore is a place wherein the morning you will find elderly people doing yoga and in the evening couples. You will see more people walking there. College students will be able to see in a big way. You have a great place to eat all kinds of fast food On Sunday there will be rides for the little ones to watch. Mini Seashore and Sagar Vihar are spread over very large areas. There you will also find boating. You can also enjoy the nightlife.

places to visit in navi mumbai
Mini Seashore, Vashi
(Image Courtesy: Google)

Entry Fee –  None

Mini Seashore Address – Near Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Karnala Bird Sanctuary Navi Mumbai: –  Once you go to Karnala Bird Sanctuary it seems that you should stay there for a few days. Because its nature is filled with beautiful trees and shrubs, you will be able to see different birds. There you will find good dining facilities If you go up from today you will see the fort There is a fort built during the reign of kings. There you can also go for trekking at Karnala Bird Sanctuary

best places to visit in navi mumbai
Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Navi Mumbai

Entry Fee – 35 Rs Per Person,

Karnala Bird Sanctuary Address – Nh 66, Karnala, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206

Places To Visit In Near Navi Mumbai

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Is Navi Mumbai cheaper than Mumbai?

Yes, Navi Mumbai is cheaper than Mumbai, you can get a house at a cheaper rate between 11 to 15 lakh. You do not have to travel much here because all the places are close to each place. Navi Mumbai is the most beautiful and clean city.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Office, Navi Mumbai (Image Courtesy: Google) Must Visit This Beautiful Place

And in terms of cleanliness in it, The first number in Maharashtra is Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai is cleaner than Mumbai. And now to see, there are many new and big projects Arrival in Navi Mumbai. Great stay in the city.

Navi Mumbai Places To Visit

Which area comes under Navi Mumbai?

I will mention the name of 17 villages in Navi Mumbai. Which was named after CIDCO. Airoli, Rubale, Ghansoli, Koparkharane, Turbhe, Juinagar, Sanpada, Vashi, Nerul, Seawoods, CBD Belapur, Kharghar, Kamothe, New Panvel, Kalamboli, Ulwe, Dronagiri, all these villages come under Navi Mumbai.

Places To Visit In Navi Mumbai At Night

If you are moving into Navi Mumbai at night. Where you can enjoy the night, you can visit both the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Palm Beach. Lighting at night and a great place to look. Come one night to Navi Mumbai.

Places To Visit In Navi Mumbai For Couples

If you point to Couples Navi Mumbai, So that would be a very famous place. Because there are thousands of couples coming there. This place is very good for couples. So definitely visit this place.

Places To Visit With Girlfriend In Navi Mumbai

Is Navi Mumbai a good place to live?

Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai (Image Courtesy: Google) Best Places to Visit in SeaWoods

Yes in Navi Mumbai you will have a great experience. Here you will find different happiness If you really want to live a luxurious life, come to Navi Mumbai.

How far is Navi Mumbai from Colaba?

From Navi Mumbai to Mumbai Colaba The distance between it is 23 kilometres by sea route. And if you are going by road, Then it is 34 kilometres.

Places To Visit In Navi Mumbai

Millennium Business Park Mahape:- Millennium Business Park is a park where you can find the big hub of the brick sector. In this business park you will find thousands of people working. This park is in Mahape village. The biggest software hub you can find here. In this park, you will see large companies like Hexaware Technologies, ICCS, Mastek, Caliber. This park is also known as MBP. You have the opportunity to work here

best places to visit in navi mumbai
Millennium Business Park, Mahape
(Image Courtesy: Google

Entry Fee – None

Millennium Business Park Address – Midc Industrial Area Sector 1, Mahape – koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai Maharashtra, 400710

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Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Seawoods:- Seawoods Grand Central Mall is built by the mall L&T Company. This mall is the largest mall in Asia. Where thousands of people come at a time. In this mall, you will find shops of every brand where millions are turning up every day. The mall is large enough that it may take you 2-3 hours to fully walk around. The feature of this mall is that the mall is very secure. Every month in this mall, there are celebrities visiting this place. Kids will get to see the kids train at this mall and there will be jumping balls.

best places to visit in navi mumbai
Seawoods Grand Central, Seawoods

Entry Fee – None

Seawoods Grand Central Address – Sector 40, Near Seawoods Station, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai 400706

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Jewel Of Navi Mumbai, Nerul: – Jewel of Navi Mumbai is a place where hundreds of people visit every day. It is built courtesy of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Where there are a large number of couples and people who come for a walk. Once you come to the Jewel of Navi Mumbai, you will find the Jewel of Navi Mumbai written in large letters and see the beautiful river in front. If you have been there, the View and Palm Beach Road is very attractive. Jewel of Navi Mumbai is a very clean place.

best places to visit in navi mumbai
Jewel Of Navi Mumbai, Nerul
(Image Courtesy: Google)

Entry Fee – None

Jewel Of Navi Mumbai Address – Sector 26, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706

Places To Visit In Kharghar

Pandavkada Falls, Kharghar:- Pandavakada is a waterfall where hundreds of people can see the beauty of the monsoon. There are boys and girls coming from all over the city. Once you get there, you will get a beautiful view of all that is forgotten, I hope you will visit this place once.

best places to visit in navi mumbai
Pandavkada Waterfall, Kharghar
(Image Courtesy: Google)

Entry Fee – None

Pandavkada WaterFall Address – Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

ITC Park Belapur – CBD: – It is a park where thousands of people are employed. It is well-equipped for dining and transport. This hub is adjacent to Belapur CBD station.

best places to visit in navi mumbai
ITC Park, Belapur – CBD
(Image Courtesy: Google)

Entry Fee – None

ITC Park Address – Near Belapur CBD Station, Navi Mumbai

You go exactly to the places I mentioned because once you go, it will be fun and you will understand. If you move around every Saturday and Sunday, all of your places will rotate within a month If Mumbai is said to be another attractive city then Navi Mumbai. Because development is happening so fast and corporate growth is taking place here, a lot of space is being noticed. I hopes you like its best places to visit in Navi Mumbai so I will refer must visit this place.

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