Life Makes Life Easier…

We are talking about a successful life story. “LIFE”  is a Mathematical formula that aims to solve the answer to your life. We have collected QUOTES of this practical life, it can make your life much easier. Enjoy!

Life Makes Life Easier... | Quotes to Inspire You | Know Ur Life

Let have a look at some “SUCCESSFUL LIFE QUOTES

 1.) The best revenge is Massive Success


2.) Success people keep taking action, they make mistakes but they don’t stop


3.) Losers are not fear to lose they just prove that what I am


4.) Sometimes there is a crisis that has two advantages to move backward, the tiger moves back two steps, not to retreat, but to leap forward, which can be seen in the back of the cash, the same can go beyond the same time


5.) If we want to do something in life, what can we do more than what we are? It is impossible for us to think that there is nothing impossible in the world

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6.) Self Trust first secret of Success


 7.) Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, Its say IM POSSIBLE


8.)  Do not STOP, Do not RUN, and just KEEP WALKING


9.) Success is Journey, Not a Destination


10.)  A successful man prepared himself for himself


11.) Don’t wait for opportunity, create it


 12.) Nothing is impossible to do, just to do it, you must have joke


13.) Successful people never think of their past and present, they only think about the



 14.) The most Dangerous disease, “WHAT THEY WILL SAY?”


15.) The world bows, we need the one who makes that happen


16.) When a seed can grow from darkness to darkness, it can grow from a rigid terrain


 17.) The winners do not do things differently. They do everything differently


18.) Life is fun to do, which is what “they say” that it knew would never be able to reply to you


 19.) “NO”, you cannot hear this word until everything is possible


20.) Successful legends will never give you any excuse, what you can expect from him is “RESULT”


 21.) If you want to be successful, first learn to forgive others then people will suggest you


22.) Do not be discouraged because no one has helped, I am truly grateful to all those who refused to help me because that is why I can do everything myself


23.) This world is a brave people, no one can tell how many miles you have to follow while pursuing each man’s dream, you have to follow it because the end who stopped


24.) If someone is talking something bad about you behind then just remember you are a 2 step ahead of him.


25.) If you think that the world is opposing you just take a back and click a “SELFIE” with the world, the world will be behind you


26.) Always tell yourself during difficult times, the race is not over yet because I have not won over yet


27.) Obviously accept the challenges that have come in front of you, because you get one win or experience from defeat


28.) If Life is pushing you back, just remember even lions steps backward to catch his target


29.)  Real happiness of winning gets when everyone is hoping you to fail


30.) One of the best ways to achieve success is to try once more



This was the quotes I’ve collected for you. Hope you liked them.
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